Why Choose Trinity’s Quality Auto Care for Wheel Alignment?

Roads that are damaged, filled with gravel or with potholes can be your cars worst enemy. Even if you drive carefully on poorly maintained roads, chances are your vehicle’s wheels and tires may experience some wear and tear. If you drive through potholes, or hit a curb, your wheel alignment can be greatly affected. Even the slightest of alignment issues can result in uneven tire wear.

This could further cause your vehicle to veer in one direction when you cruise down a straight and smooth road, as well as poor recovery on turns meaning your steering wheel doesnt return to the center promptly. Worst of all, poor alignment can make it incredibly difficult to drive and steer.

Have you been experiencing the above issues? If so, then it is a good idea to have your vehicles wheel alignment inspected by Trinity’s Quality Auto Care.

Wheel Alignment Performed by Experienced Professionals

Wheel alignment is a complicated process requiring true expertise. This is exactly what Trinity’s Quality Auto Care offers. Our ASE-Certified technicians have years of experience in performing accurate wheel alignments. They are trained to use advanced computerized alignment equipment, which can detect fractions of a degree, undetectable to the naked eye, for precise wheel alignments.

Wheel Alignment Inspection Process and Comprehensive Overview

Once you set up a wheel alignment appointment, one of our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection process. We also perform a visual inspection of the wheels and tires, along with a road test to identify any other potential issues with your suspension or axle system.

Upon successful completion of the inspection process, a service advisor will provide a comprehensive overview regarding the measures of all four tires and what they should be set at. Feel free to ask any questions if you have. We always provide price quote information and replacement part costs. The wheel alignment process will begin once we get your approval. We use only top-quality OEM parts or aftermarket alternatives that meet or exceed OEM guidelines.

The Trinity’s Quality Auto Care Advantage

  • Experienced shop for repairing all types of vehicles
  • Get a free loaner car during engine repair jobs
  • Our brand is family owned and operated
  • All of our technicians are ASE Certified
  • Top-quality OEM parts or aftermarket alternatives
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic technology
  • Electrical system troubleshooting experts

Is handling and controlling your vehicle becoming an issue? If so, visit Trinity’s Quality Auto Care for a wheel alignment immediately.

Wheel Alignment in Turner and Salem, Oregon