Salem, OR

Less than an hours drive from Portland, you’ll come to Oregon’s capital city of Salem. Founded in 1842 and incorporated in 1857, Salem is presently the third largest city in Oregon right after Portland and Eugene, with a population of close to 160,000.

Among the notable events of Salem’s long history, the government now operates within its third capitol building. The first two, unrelatedly, were both destroyed by fire some 80 years apart. Salems third and current capitol was completed in 1938. State government today is the citys largest employer, among some large private companies in the area as well.

Salem serves as a major agricultural food processing center. This is home to Kettle Foods, Inc., a potato chip maker since 1982. Agriculture has always been important to Salem, an industry that residents have long celebrated it in many ways. Thanks to the historical importance of the local cherry-growing industry, Salem is nicknamed the “Cherry City. Salem is largely considered Oregons agricultural heart, growing such specialities as blueberries, hazelnuts, tulips, Christmas trees and pinot noir.

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