Macleay, OR

About nine miles east of downtown Salem – Oregon’s capital and third largest city – you will reach the unincorporated community of Macleay. Situated in Marion County, Macleay was initially named Stipp, to honor the local settler John L. Stipp. However, the name was later changed to Macleay in 1882.

A well-known merchant, Donald Macleay – along with Scot William Reid – invested in the Oregonian Railway Company, which connected Macleay to the rest of the United States through rail routes. He in fact also played a critical role in the establishment of a schoolhouse in the region. Therefore the post office was renamed in his honor.

Over the course of time, ownership of the rail line was transferred to Southern Pacific Transportation Company. Today, its owned by the Union Pacific Railroad, the largest railroad network in the United States. Although a small community, Macleay has its own fire station and an active Grange Hall.

The Macleay Country Store – established in 1916 – is operational to date and serves the residents of this unincorporated region. The former schoolhouse now serves as a church.

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